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Close Company

Are you seriously with closing company?

The decision to close a business is usually due to one of two reasons:

  • You no longer want to run the business and have no one to pass it onto.

  • The business is not making enough money to keep going.

Whatever your reasons, closing your business can take time, depending on its size and complexity.

What We Help You:

  1. Make sure closing your business with the right decision

  2. Set a closing date for your business

  3. Take care of your employees

  4. Notify suppliers and customers

  5. End lease agreements

  6. Sell business assets and pay outstanding bills

  7. Deal with tax and legal matters

  8. Keep business records

  9. Tie up other loose ends.


Our services include:

Closing company with general department tax

  • Preparation of the application form for tax audit.

  • Preparation of all documents for tax audit.

  • Assistant to negotiation with tax auditor.


Closing company with MOC

  • Preparation of the application form for MOC.

  • Preparation of all documents for MOC.

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